The Lacemakers Team

Daisy Jordan

I am a visual artist and puppeteer based in Brighton, England. I enjoy working with a variety of media, from painting and cut-outs, to sculpture and performance. I work by collecting stories, bits of narrative, ideas and materials. These are then collaged together, and then often translated into puppetry, which I have found to be a perfect way of combining visual art with narrative and storytelling.

Ulysses Black

Ulysses Black is a visual artist, performance practitioner, writer and ritual consultant. His role in this project is to help create narratives from the research material I am collecting, and documenting the puppetry experiments using photography and film.



Gemma Khawaja

Gemma Khawaja an established folk musician specialising in unaccompanied traditional singing & arranging narrative ballads. Gemma is strongly immersed in the folk music history of East Anglia & she explores & draws inspiration from the varied soundscapes of her rural, coastal locality & its history. Gemma has 16 years’ professional experience as a freelance puppeteer working for leading companies including Norwich Puppet Theatre, Horse & Bamboo Theatre & Little Angel Theatre. Gemma also has a history of developing & touring her own puppetry based work for family audiences.

Matt Rudkin

Role in Project: Producer. Following an Art School education Matt has worked in puppetry, cabaret, devised performance and street theatre as a performer, writer, director and maker. He has performed throughout the UK and Ireland, in France, Belgium, Holland, Finland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Japan and China.  He has also taught Theatre Arts in HE and FE, predominantly as a Senior Lecturer for 17 years at the University of Brighton where he developed a wide range of exercises for training skills in improvisation, acting, writing and puppetry.

Special Thanks to...

Edie Edmundson

Role in Project: Puppetry direction, dramaturgical support.

Edie is a puppeteer and theatre maker based in London, UK.

Aya Nakamura

Role in Project: Dramaturgical support.

Aya is a London based theatre maker specialising in puppetry.

Professor David Hopkin

Professor David Hopkin is a social and cultural historian of modern Western Europe. He is Professor of European Social History at the University of Oxford and works on an extensive blog website about lacemaking history and folklore called By the Poor, for the Rich: Lace in Context. Professor Hopkin has supplied me with many resources for my lace project and I also interviewed him about lacemaking history and legends.

the Higgins Bedford, Cowper and Newton Museum, Amersham Museum

Role in the Project: Partners - providing lace research material and community engagement support. Please see the separate "Partners Page" for more information about the museums. Particular thanks to Lydia Saul of Higgins Bedford for our inspiring Zoom chats!

Lacemaking Community

Richard Brawn - Richard kindly spoke to me about his experiences working with lace machinery in lacemaking factories. He worked for 10 years in an engineering shop specialising in lace machinery, visiting factories and maintaining and replacing parts. He was one of the engineers in the team that installed the lace machine in the Nottingham Industrial Museum in 1968. He also provided me with some photographs he's taken himself of lace machinery which can be seen on one of the blog posts.

Southwick Lacemaking Group - Thank you to Southwick Lacemaking Group, particularly Rosemary Brown, for filling in my lace questionnaires, supplying me with research resources, allowing me to observe their lacemaking and for giving me a lacemaking lesson!

The Meridian Lacemakers - Thank you, particularly Greta Paterson - for sharing and filling in my lace questionnaires!

The Aragon Lacemakers - Thank you, particularly Cathy Watson - for sharing and filling in my lace questionnaires!