Scene Sketch Videos -Lacemaker’s Home


Above: Gemma Khawaja’s version of The Bone Lace Weaver

To get experimenting with test scenes using my quickly made prototype puppets, I painted a backdrop of the interior of the lacemaker’s house in order to try out some of the dialogue written by Ulysses Black. He has gone for rhyming verse to reflect a fairytale atmosphere and to also reflect some of the lace tells.

The first scene illustrates the young lacemaker being visited by the Virgin Mary disguised as an old beggar woman (as told in various lacemaking legends). The second one just shows the Virgin Mary at work making lace. The puppets will eventually be made out of wood and will be rod marionettes. I am currently thinking I will eventually try to make a transforming marionette puppet that will be both the old woman and the Virgin (I’m yet to figure out how!). For the time being though, the paper puppets will suffice for devising purposes!



Above: Virgin Mary theme tune by Gemma Khawaja

This next video shows the young lacemaker being visited by The Night Tangler disguised as a lace merchant.


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