The Lacemakers is an Arts Council funded research and development project based on lacemaking folklore, customs and history. It is led by me, artist and puppeteer Daisy Jordan. The aim is to produce a puppetry-led piece inspired by this research.

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About lace-making

Before it was mechanised during the Industrial Revolution, lace was painstakingly made by hand, mostly by women & children 

The Lacemakers project

The Lacemakers is an Arts Council funded puppetry Research and Development project, inspired by lacemaking lore and history. 

Blog Posts

Click here to see blog posts documenting my research about lacemaking and the development of the puppetry project.


Please visit the forum to connect with others interested in lacemaking! If you would like to contribute to the research, or if I have got something wrong, please let me know there!

Online Tutorials

Some free online video tutorials for families to learn how to make a simple puppet from easily sourced materials!

Blog posts

You can read posts about lacemaking and the development of the project below.
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Industrial Lace Machinery – Nottingham

  Audio above: Recording of a lace machine by Gemma Khawaja with added accompaniment I spoke to Richard Brawn, who trained as an...

The Lace Mistress (and students)

Above: One of our own original lace tells by musician Gemma Khawaja. Lyrics by Ulysses Black This is a paper prototype I made...

Thinking about Show Structure and Aesthetics

I am currently thinking that I would like elements of the puppet show to reflect the process of lacemaking itself. I have decided (so far)...

Miniature Set prototypes

I recently found out I had to self-isolate for ten days, after having left all my puppet prototypes and props at the devising space. Without...

The Lace Schools

Above image supplied by The Higgins Bedford. Postcard by Braggins and Co. Copyright belongs to The Higgins Bedford. The following information was given to me...

Lace Smuggling

Back in the heyday of handmade lace, it was an extremely valuable commodity. There were also sumptuary laws which stopped people of certain classes wearing...