Devising with Aya Nakamura


I had a really lovely day recently working with Aya Nakamura, who agreed to come and help me with some dramaturgy. We are still at the very early stages of the project, and so I didn’t have much material to work with. However, Aya had such great insights and asked very pertinent questions, and by the end of the day together I felt I had a much clearer understanding of some of the characters myself and Ulysses had come up with, particularly the character of The Night Tangler.

It was really great to explore the concept around this character more deeply, and we also discussed various possibilities for staging the show, as that was something I have been struggling with.

We spoke about the possibility of using shadows of lace as part of the set, and how a puppet show could also become an installation.

Aya and Ulysses

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